This summer squash is the perfect ingredient for salads, soups, stews, and other recipes. The Pacific Northwest’s rich soil, ample water supply, and ideal climate allow growers to deliver zucchini that we process in our advanced vegetable processing plant designed with food safety and sustainability foremost in mind.

bowl of zucchini
size & specifications

Our recipe-ready process is specially tailored to meet your Food Safety needs.

We work with you to identify how our products are used throughout the supply chain and the risks associated with protecting your brand and ours. Here are the processes that we offer:


  • Blanched or unblanched
  • Customer provides validated kill step

Prime Care

  • Zone 1 Contact Surface Listeria testing
  • Robust Environmental Pathogen testing and prevention program
  • Depending on use, customer provides cooking instructions to end user

High Care (RTE)

  • BRC’s High Care A+ Certification
  • Advanced LM prevention program
  • Robust sanitation program and validated blancher kill step