Certified Organic and Kosher for Your Needs

Boardman Foods proudly offers certified organic and kosher products for customers who require these essential aspects of food production for their frozen or ready-to-eat soups, entrees, and other meals. Our onions, peppers, shallots, and zucchini receive the utmost care to ensure our vegetables meet these stringent standards.

Protecting your food supply chain

Organic Certification

Every year since 1998, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has certified our organic production lines. This certification means we have sourced our vegetables from organic farmers in the community, then stored, processed, handled, and packed these agricultural products within precise specifications that conform with strict standards. In addition, we avoid genetically modified produce and do not irradiate our products.

Kosher Logo

Kosher Certification

Sales of kosher certified products have increased by 15% since 2015 to approximately $12.5 billion worldwide as discerning consumers appreciate their increased oversight, unique health benefits, and allergen-friendly nature. Since 1993, we have received Square K Certification by Rabbi Moshe Londinski.

Food Safety Certified

BRCGS Certification

British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS) certification is under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) umbrella and is a food safety standard that demonstrates a food and beverage company’s commitment to industry best practices. To obtain and maintain certification, companies undergo third-party audits against the standard’s requirements performed by an accredited certification body.

Leading Harvest Certification Logo

Leading Harvest Certification

As part of our continual improvement process and providing assurance to our customers, Boardman Foods opted to certify our farmland management program through Leading Harvest in addition to other programs our growers are currently certified. Boardman Foods was one of three initial companies to achieve the group Certification through Leading Harvest.