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Delivering nature’s goodness with the highest level of food safety protocols.

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We feel strongly that our dedication to integrity, quality, and sustainability delivers exceptional value.

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Our beginnings

Boardman Foods was founded in Oregon in 1992 by cousins Brian Maag and Thomas Flaherty. At the time, Brian and his brother, Doug, were running a fresh-pack onion company in Eastern Oregon. Meanwhile, cousin Tom was rapidly gaining experience in the meat industry in Chicago, giving him access to large food companies all over the US. Bringing their expertise together, Brian and Tom came to realize there was a need in the marketplace for high-quality recipe-ready onions for soups, sauces, and frozen entrees — and thus, Boardman Foods was born!

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Strategic location

Boardman Foods is located in the lower Columbia Basin in Boardman, OR. The Columbia Basin is a rich agricultural region of northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington along the mighty lower Columbia River. The location has easy access to rail, interstate, and barge transportation. The Basin’s rich soil and dependable water source grow some of the best onions in the world.

Food safety & quality leader

Boardman Foods operates a state-of-the-art High Care line to process delicious ready-to-eat vegetables! Our cutting-edge custom processing plant was carefully designed to minimize food safety risk and maximize quality and value at every step. We are proud to have set the bar high for quality and food safety.

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BFI’s newest production line is among the best production plants in the world. It sets a new high bar for quality and food safety. As VP of World Supply Chain, I have seen plants around the world, and this is World Class!

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Our mission

Boardman Foods is committed to our family of customers, growers, and employees who inspire the creation of safe and reliable products that nourish the soul.

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Join our team

What’s the best part of a career with Boardman Foods? Knowing that you have a “work family” that’s invested in your success. Boardman Foods offers training programs and mentorships to help our employees create careers they are invested in. Become a part of a growing and dynamic company and work alongside some of the brightest and best in the industry!