On the Cutting Edge of Premium Food Safety

Boardman Foods operates a state-of-the-art BRC High Care line that supplies the safest high-quality agricultural products to food manufacturers.

Our dedicated team considered every detail in the planning and design of the equipment to minimize food safety risk at every process step — from blanching and freezing to defect removal and packing — ensuring you can rely on our ready-to-eat vegetables in your recipes.

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 BFI’s newest production line is among the best production plants in the world. It sets a new high bar for quality and food safety. As VP of World Supply Chain, I have seen plants around the world, and this is World Class!

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Promoting Food Safety

We have implemented a state-of-the-art defect removal program and have an onsite microbiological testing facility, plus state-of-the-art storage facilities and an efficient waste disposal system that support our food safety programs.

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Food safety culture

  • Starts with the leadership team, which addresses problems, encourages people to follow best practices, and recognizes individuals during monthly meetings and appreciation parties.
  • Electronic compliance documentation system that allows quality checks to be completed in real time.
  • Quarterly scoresheets and key performance indicators (KPIs) permit teams to stay ahead of food safety issues.
  • Our food safety team includes six onsite certified Preventative Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQIs) verifying and maintaining protocols.


Environmental monitoring

  • We use environmental monitoring to prepare environmental impact assessments or trends, as well as many circumstances in which activities carry a risk of harmful effects on the natural environment. Results are gathered, trended, and statistically analyzed.

  • University of Georgia food science experts reviewed and verified our environmental monitoring program onsite to ensure best practices were employed throughout the plant.

Our recipe-ready process is specially tailored to meet your Food Safety needs.

We work with you to identify how our products are used throughout the supply chain and the risks associated with protecting your brand and ours. Here are the processes that we offer:


  • Blanched or unblanched
  • Customer-provided validate kill step

Prime Care

  • Zone 1 Contact Surface
    Listeria Monocytogenes (LM) Testing
  • Robust Environmental Pathogen testing and prevention program

High Care (RTE)

  • BRC’s High Care A+ Certification
  • Advanced LM prevention program
  • Robust sanitation program and validated blancher kill step