Boardman Foods Unveils Rebranding and Launches New Website Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

Boardman Foods New Year New Website Announcement

BOARDMAN, Oregon – Boardman Foods, Inc., a distinguished provider of premium recipe-ready onions, peppers, shallots, and zucchinis, is proud to announce a significant milestone in its corporate journey — a dynamic rebranding alongside the launch of its new consumer-facing website. This dual initiative not only celebrates over 30 years of the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence but also marks a new era in its brand identity.

The new website, located at, offers an enriching, user-friendly experience, underscoring Boardman Foods’ dedication to delivering the highest-quality recipe-ready produce to food manufacturers across the nation. It reflects the company’s evolution to a national leader in the food ingredient industry, mirroring its rebranded image.

Key Highlights of the New Website and Rebranding:

Our Evolved Identity: Discover the fresh look of Boardman Foods, reflecting our growth and future-forward vision.

Our Story: Journey through Boardman Foods’ transition from humble beginnings to a national premium food ingredient leader.

Product Showcase: A vibrant display of our recipe-ready frozen and fresh premium onions, peppers, zucchinis, and shallots.

Commitment to Quality: Insights into our consistent maintenance of the highest standards for over 30 years.

Learn About Our Food Safety Practices: Delve into our food safety, sustainability and quality-focused processes.

Community Engagement: A window into the company’s initiatives within the Boardman community and beyond.

Debbie Radie, Chief Operating Officer of Boardman Foods, remarked, “Our new website and rebranding are more than just a change in aesthetics; they’re a reflection of our evolution, values, and the strong relationships we’ve built with our clients and community. As we celebrate over 30 years in the business, these developments mark significant milestones in our ongoing pursuit of quality and excellence.”

The launch of the new website and the unveiling of the rebranding are testaments to Boardman Foods’ dedication to innovation in agricultural practices, sustainability, and customer engagement. Designed to provide an immersive experience, these initiatives enable consumers to deeply understand the company’s process of delivering the freshest, highest-quality produce from Pacific Northwest fields to kitchens across America.

Boardman Foods partnered with Fab Brands, a branding and design firm from Portland, Oregon, for its new branding and website design. Fab Brands is acclaimed for its unique branding approach, striking visual design, and cutting-edge web interfaces, particularly in the food and beverage and agricultural products sectors.

For more information about Boardman Foods and to explore the new website and brand identity, please visit or contact Debbie Radie as noted above.

About Boardman Foods, Inc.:

Boardman Foods, Inc., based in Boardman, Oregon, has been a leading supplier of onions, peppers, zucchinis, and shallots since its inception over three decades ago. With a commitment to sustainable farming and unparalleled quality, the company has evolved to become a trusted name in the food product ingredients industry, delivering fresh, flavorful, and recipe-ready produce nationwide.