Debbie Radie, Boardman Foods VP of Operations, Honored with Woman of the Year Award by the American Frozen Foods Institute.

AFFI Leadership Conf. 2022

We’re so pleased to announce that the American Frozen Food Institute honored our very own Debbie Radie, vice president of operations at Boardman Foods and member of the AFFI board of directors, with its inaugural Woman of the Year award in October 2022 at its annual Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. The award recognizes “an outstanding female AFFI member employee for her passion for the frozen food industry and her leadership.”

“Debbie has long been active within AFFI, where she shares her expertise and energy,” said AFFI CEO Alison Bodor.

This new award was created and presented in partnership with Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer to celebrate the women in the frozen food industry.

Debbie was genuinely surprised when her name was called to come on stage and receive her award. “It took me about 24 hours of just taking it all in,” she said. “When I really thought about it, the best part of this award was that Boardman Foods is an innovative, creative, and insightful company that thinks and reacts as challenges arise, whether it’s COVID, childcare, or new food safety regulations. So, we as a company and me as a leader get to take on those challenges and react to them in a very nimble way. Brian Maag, our president, likes to say, ‘keep our knees bent,’ and I think that’s really true. Being able to get this award, the first Woman of the Year award, is a big, big honor.”

Debbie also took time to thank the many people who mentored and supported her during her time at Boardman Foods. “They wanted my input, my advice, my experience to be heard and recognized, and it’s so great to be in an industry that is forward-thinking, accepting and embracing women. I feel delighted to bring this award home to the Boardman Foods team who have been and are ready to lean in as we face new challenges and opportunities.”

Congratulations Debbie on your well-deserved honor!